Investing In Yourself

With the understanding that ‘normal’ does not exist, it’s important to recognise that you are unique, and therefore the issues you are dealing with require a unique approach, tailored around you.

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Comfort in Conversation

You’ll find me really easy to talk to, relaxed, empathetic and non-judgmental.  I’ll help you find different ways to ‘frame’ the issues you’re dealing with, and work out practical strategies to overcome them. Whether we’re dealing with relationships – intimate or otherwise, communication or confidence, it’s vital to remember that these are all skills, and can therefore be learned.  In the same way that when we first tried to do things like swim, ride a bike or drive a car, we were not experts straight away.  It’s good therefore to make the connection with having to learn the skills to handle the softer matters in our lives.  Understanding this, I’ll help you realise how much control and power you really have.

My Services

Change Management

From when we learnt how to talk, every new skill and attribute enhances our lives in measurable ways.

Personal Development

From the knowledge gained, realistic and achievable goals are then set that focus on developing personal characteristics.


Covering romantic, family, friendship, incidental and work-based relationships.


“Dean was an enormous help to me when I suffered post-traumatic stress and anxiety after the difficult birth of my baby 2 years ago. So much more than simply having ‘someone to listen’, he taught me coping mechanisms and calming techniques, and really explained why I was feeling the way I was. His qualifications in psychology and understanding of the way the brain works were obvious to me in the help he gave me, and I really feel like he helped me to re-wire my brain and think positively. I’d recommend him to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life.”


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